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Goods and Services Tax (GST)

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is arguably the most momentous of reforms targeted at the Indian fiscal system. GST has had a huge impact on businesses since it has been levied form July 1 2017.Organisation will be must in order to put their business in order at first. Technology will play a pivotal role in this transition and will pave the way for compliance and improved profitability.


A comprehensive impact analysis reveals an organization would have to take a relook at various facets of its SAP/ ERP implementation such as:

•  SPDD / SPAU updating to relevant version.

•  GST consulting services.

•  Refining all tax-related outward and inward business processes.

•  Reconfiguring tax computation procedures.

•  Making entry to SAP system to see if transaction is TDS related or not.

•  Updating master data.

•  End-to-End GST ecosystem to GST server linking.

•  Following the sequential numbering for outgoing invoices.

•  Adhering to the new reporting and printing structure.

•  SAP Note implementation.

•  Functional testing.

At Hingula Systecch, we have always strived to understand your local and global business needs and deliver SAP GST implementation services in Pune and all over India that will help you run your business better. Our expert SAP consultants and engineers, our comprehensive SAP services suite coupled with our strong infrastructure DNA, ensure your SAP related business act in accordance with the new GST regime.