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1) Mitsubishi Electric India Private Ltd., 2016.

A well-known giant of electric & electronics industry Mitsubishi is a leading manufacturer of almost all types of electronic equipment’s like air conditioners, automotive equipment, home appliances, building systems etc.

We were happy to help such a prestigious company & customer and delivered new enhancement basis to Mitsubishi Electric India Private Ltd. which was delivered by quality professionals of Hingula Systecch. These enhancement packages allowed Mitsubishi Electric India Private Ltd. to manage and deploy new software functionality.

2) Laxmi Group, Aurangabad, 2016.

Laxmi Group is an automobile component design and development company based in Aurangabad city which is located in the heart of Maharashtra. This facility has huge electronic appliances which are capable of designing automobile components.

Hingula Systecch has been engaged with Laxmi Group as their SAP / ERP / application and support partner. Hingula systecch was responsible for the implementation of SAP at Laxmi Group and was responsible for carrying out the application solution testing for the provided process template prior to the SAP application GOLIVE. We successfully completed support project for them in the year of 2016.

3) G.G Dandekar Machine Ltd. Nagpur, 2016.

Established in 1912 with a number of employees G.G Dandekar Machine works located at MIDC area of the orange capital of India, Nagpur, are pioneers in production of modern pre cleaner, vibro cleaner, pneumatic rubber roll Sheller etc.

SAP related project was demanded and hence was provided by us in the year 2016.Chosen as SAP partners we even carried out upgrades and rollouts for them.

4) Naresh Engineering Aurangabad, 2016.

Naresh Engineering is a manufacturing company with over 200 hectares of space which was used for manufacturing pressure casting and precision machine components.

Being invited to their facility for the diagnosis of problem our team was successful in diagnosing the problem for them. Hingula Systecch engaged with Naresh Engineering as their SAP / ERP support partners. Hingula Systecch has successfully performed the implementation of SAP at their facility in Aurangabad.

5) REICO Industries Ltd. Pune, 2016.

Located at Shivajinagar which is a prime area in the city of Pune REICO Industries is responsible in providing environmental solution, grinding solutions, conveying solutions etc. Their efficient and reliable air pollution control system is one of the best in the state of Maharashtra.

Hingula systecch has successfully implemented SAP and corporate Process template at REICO Industries Private Ltd. This was completed in the year 2016.

6) Rathi Vessels and System pvt Ltd., 2016.

As requested we inspected the huge facility of Rathi Vessels and Systems private Ltd. who are specialist in designing vessels, heat exchangers, agitators etc. With up to and 250+ workers to their arsenal. It is one of the biggest vessel making companies.

SAP related ERP implementation is a dependable solution but sometimes it becomes necessary to re-implement it because unknown failure reasons. ERP upgrade/ ERP managed support service related activities were re-implemented within the system by Hingula Systecch.

7) Krishidhan Seeds Ltd. Jalna, 2015.

Pioneers in seed market and located at the seed capital of India in Jalna, krishidhan Seeds Ltd. is one of our top clients. As a research driven organisation Krishidhan has delivered quality seeds to various Indian markets.

We were proudly associated with them until the timely completion of project on SAP and EHP7 in the year of 2015. Hingula Systecch has been engaged with krishidhan Seeds Ltd. as their SAP implementation and support partner. We performed various support services which included enhancements, optimization, upgrade and rollouts.

8) Murli Industry Ltd., 2015.

Leading manufacturers of paper boards, cement, edible oil, pulps, solvents etc. and located in the heart of Nagpur city Murli Industry Ltd. were in need of SAP based solution and implementation.

SAP based solution was planned and implemented in the year 2015 by us. Hingula Systecch has been providing the managed support service for their EDI (electronic data interchange) system and also overall monitoring and troubleshooting of problems.

9) RK Technologies, Akola, 2015.

RK Technologies is a leading manufacturer of prefab outlets , water ATM machine , water vending machine , bio toilet, toilet ,portable toilet, toilet cabin , garden benches ,shed ,project for compound wall, CLC Plant ,interlocking paver plant and much more.

RK Technologies were facing problems and were very eager to get it fixed from us. We did exactly the same with our team of dedicated professionals successfully completing the work in the year 2015.Through an onsite – offsite engagement model, the SAP module was implemented for Indian operations with a special focus on SAP Country India (CIN) requirements.

10) Makevale Group, Gujarat, 2014.

Makevale Group is a developer and manufacturers of high performance polymers and biopolymers for clients all over the globe. Their unique technology allows them to reproduce tailor made polymers according to their clients’ exact specifications.

Hingula Systecch has been engaged with Makevale Group as their SAP implementation and support partner. Hingula Systecch provided optimization and upgrades services. We have also successfully implemented SAP for Makevale Group. We completed their work in the year 2014.

11) Shree Vaishnav Wire and Rods Private Ltd. Pune, 2014.

Based in Pune, Maharashtra Shree Vaishnav Wire and Rods Private Ltd. is one of the leading wire and rods producers. With many branches and equal amount of workforce to their back they are a top rated company.

We successfully diagnosed the problem they were facing and implemented SAP based project. Hingula Systecch has been engaged with Shree Vaishnav Wire and Rods Private Ltd. since then. Hingula Systecch had successfully performed implementation of SAP at Shree Vaishnav Wire and Rods Private Ltd. in the year 2014.

12) UL Electrodevices Private LTD. Pune, 2014.

UL Electrodevices Pvt Ltd. distributes manufactures & develops products & services to cover total supply chain of buying patterns in automation, machinery, and electrical & electronics businesses.

They needed SAP support project and hence requested us to come to their premise and provide them with a logical and affordable solution .We did the same by successfully providing SAP support solutions to them through our qualified and dedicated professionals of Hingula Systecch.

13) VT Crop Private Ltd. Pune, 2014.

VT Corporation Private Ltd. is a company based in Pune that had implemented SAP in their company earlier which needed up gradation and accurate re-implementation to avoid any future problems.

VT Corporation Private Ltd. engaged with us as their local SAP implementation and support partner. Hingula Systecch provided support services which included enhancement, optimization and upgrades related to SAP. We have successfully carried out the global template rollout at VT Corporation Private Ltd. The SAP FI, CO, MM, SD, PP and WM modules was implemented with a special focus on SAP requirements. Our team completed the work in the year 2014.