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Annual maintenance contract (AMC) is a technical as well as commercial document binding us with our client to take care of your SAP requirement in its period. A SAP implemented system can be critical and sometimes need availability round the clock. Some of these instalments need to work continuously and hence cannot be kept idle even for a millisecond of time.

AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) ensures the protections of installations form breakdown and being kept idle. This contract signed between you and Hingula Systecch binds us in taking total responsibility of SAP installation, its working, and availability.

AMC as the name suggests is an annually made contract that remains valid for a period of 365 days from the date of its signed acceptance. Do not worry as it clearly defines the responsibilities of Hingula Systecch and the client company during this said period of 1-year.


If you want to maintain your system and want it to be in proper working conditions for days to come and also want to cut SAP maintenance cost this is the most effective way.