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Business Consultant Services

The important factors over in the business landscape are digitization and globalization which are tougher than before as well. For achieving something big there are enterprises for requiring the lower costs for running their businesses and improving the usage of applications and overall system landscapes. In our complete past scenario of solutions and services, the vast capabilities are unlocked by our organization for presenting SAP environment to spend less on offering the business and allocating more on innovation.

An open business for speeding up the performance:

Across geographies and industries, there are big experiences which have the apt people for practices and solutions for assisting companies and producing the return SAP investments and constructing a transparent business.

The complete lifecycle of an application covers the end to end services like:

Implementation Services: On Scrum principles, our S-Imple (Streamlined Implementation) methodology offers lots of cost-effective and faster implementations. The process relies on methodology decreases the blueprint, development and testing phases with the help of pre-configured business case scenarios and removes major modifications and errors.

Upgrade Services:

Modularize upgrade services are produced by Yash team for enhancing the effectiveness of SAP solution for decreasing the risk and downtime and draw great benefits.

Here is our four-phased upgrade assessment accelerator, PathFinder facilitates:

  • Upgrade Assessment
  • Technical system upgrade
  • Functionality upgrade
  • IFS System configuration
  • System stabilization

Application Management Services (AMS): Enhanced flexibility, decrease costs and boost SAP performance with our comprehensive AMS portfolio for ongoing improvement.

SAP Business Intelligence Services: Extensive BI solution is offered by us for various industry sectors. A platform is objected by SAP Business and our company helps you for critical insights and smooth the current capabilities and resources for meeting your business objectives.

SAP HANA: It is the center for our service portfolios in-memory platform which meets the required real-time data management. Here are few services from SAP HANA:

  • Business strategy development
  • Implementation
  • Learning and change management
  • Business case development and Proof-of-Concept
  • Roadmap creation