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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows the user to access the data, application and services with internet connection. It is very useful for business clients as it can be accessed anywhere around the clock hence giving internet users the satisfaction and ease of working from anywhere they want. According to a study 90% of businesses are already using cloud technology .The following are the major benefits of cloud technology:


There are three main types of cloud deployment models:

1) Private cloud :

It is usually provided as a solution to only a single user. It is best suited for businesses that have strict rule

  •   Datapipe.
  •   Rackspace Private Cloud.
  •   IBM SmartClouds.
  • 2) Public cloud :

    This cloud as the name suggests is provided to all users. Such a public cloud is suited best for companies who need to get hold of market quickly.

  •   Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  •   Rackspace Public Cloud.
  •   Microsoft Azure.
  •   Google Compute Engine.
  •   HP Public Cloud.
  • 3) Hybrid cloud :

    This cloud is a combination of two or more distinct clouds. This type of cloud model is best suited for e commerce websites.

  •   Zynga.
  •   Ebay.
  •   Trend Micro.
  •   Other Enterprise Customers.
  • The following are the major benefits of Cloud Technology:

    •  It is very affordable as it allows you to pay only for what you see and hence minimize your expenditure.

    •  Available 24/7* with only the need of internet user is able to access his data.

    •  It is simple and easy to access from anywhere.

    •  Users are able to access over a broad network.

    •  The capabilities can be stretched at times based on demand of the user.

    •  Consumer can continue computing without needing human interaction.

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