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Digital Marketing Services

With the help of digital technologies, digital marketing is the marketing of products or online advertising of services actually applicable online but it also adds mobile phones, exhibiting advertising and any other digital medium.

Since the 1990s and 2000s, there was a development in the digital marketing that has modified the way brands and businesses use technology for marketing. Into marketing plans on a daily basis, the digital platforms are enhancing incorporated and people utilize digital devices rather than physical shops and are becoming more prevalent and efficient.

1) SEO:
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is the process of affecting the internet visibility of organic, natural or earned results. Mostly the past and a lot of times a website that happens in the search results list will receive the more visitors from the search engine users; they can become good customers.


2) SMO:
SMO stands for Social Meda Optimisation which uses various communities and outlets for generating publicity to enhance the product awareness, service brand or event. There are various types of social media involved in social news, RSS feeds and bookmarking sites along with social networking sites like Facebook, video sharing, Twitter and blogging sites. SMO is the same as search engine optimization and here the goal is to produce web traffic and to a site and enhance awareness for a website.


3) SMM:
SMM stands for Social media marketing and it is the basis for the social media platforms and website for promoting a service or a product. Digital marketing and e-mail marketing are the terms which are quite dominant in studies, social media marketing which becomes famous for both researchers and practitioners. There are built-in analytics tools present on various social media platforms which track the success, progress, and engagement of ad campaigns. A range of stakeholders is addressed by companies through social media marketing like potential customers and who are existing like bloggers, journalists, and the general public.


4) SEM:
The promotion of websites are enhanced by this form of internet marketing by enhancing their visibility in search engine results pages via advertisement. SEM may have search engine optimization which rewrites or adjusts the website content and architecture for getting a good ranking to increase pay per click.


5) Pay-per-click:
It is also called as cost per click (CPC) also known as internet advertising model for directing traffic to a website in an advertiser as it offers a publisher when the ad is clicked. First-tier search engines are linked with Pay-per-click. We are the best Digital marketing agency in Pune and also do provide all kinds of Digital advertising services.