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Introduction to SAP S/4 HANA

We at Hingula Systecch provide the best SAP S4 Hana services in Pune to their ERP environment .Basically this implementation is done by us for two reasons.

  • Helping to reduce costs.
  • Increase system efficiency.

  • We provide SAP S/4HANA in following ways:

    New implementation:
    This is basically done for new users who are not having any SAP background.

    System conversion:
    This is done for clients basically who want to change their current SAP ERP to new SAP S/4 Hana.

    Landscape transformation:
    This is done to combine regional SAP into one global SYSTEM.

    Delivering Value Throughout the Project Lifecycle


    During this the determination of solution to be implemented is done .The scope and value of the solution to be implemented is also determined which helps us in choosing SAP S/4 HANA.


    The plan to be implemented is approved here at first and the values are to be determined over here enclosing the gap. The solution so obtained is then checked for accuracy and sent for validation.


    Configuration is done and our clients are given a step by step walkthrough of how and when the SAP is to be implemented. Testing is very important before implementation as it enables us to know how successful our project implementation is going to be before deployment so testing is done here.


    Full support is provided by us during implementation and handing over the project to our clients the cutovers are determined and the readiness of project is checked before being put to use.

    Comparison Between S/4 HANA and R/3


    S/4 HANA Enterprise Management

    It can be described as the realisation of what a business suit which has been implemented on HANA will really look like and what it would be capable of. SAP initially likes to call logistics as S/4 HANA Enterprise Management as it addresses functionality that is beyond just financials. Now as S/4HANA covers both financials and logistics it decided to use the term Enterprise Management so that S/4 HANA can span all lines of business.

    Following are the areas covered by us:
    • Logistics General (LO)
    • Sales and Distribution (SD)
    • Sales and Distribution (SD)
    • Plant Maintenance (PM)
    • Production planning & Control (PP)
    • Environment Health & Safety (EHS)
    • Production lifecycle Management (PLM)
    • Materials Management (MM)
    • Quality Management (QM)
    • Customer Service (CS)
    • Project Management (PS)

    S/4 HANA Key Innovations (12 Modules)


    SAP S/4 Hana released on October 31st, 2016 and as expected was equipped with brand new functions and some more simplified things along business lines. The new release also came with the entire scope of previous financial version making it the single source of all the financial data.

    Let’s take a look at The 12 S/4 HANA key Innovations:

    1) Consistent Fiori UX:
    Across the entire suit with the new theme with end user-centricity.

    2) Integrated Quality Management:
    Instinctive recording of results using UIs.

    3) Integrated Extended Warehouse Management:
    It is a warehouse logistics process it helps in eliminating the need to replicate data.

    4) Industry to the core:
    Functionality is offered to different SAP industrial solution.

    5) SAP S/4 HANA finance in Core:
    Acts as a universal journal and directory to all financial engagements.

    6) Efficient Procurement:
    For a better shopping experience and with advanced activity and task management functions.

    7) Effective Order Management and Billing:
    Monitors all sales orders and further simplify the billing process.

    8) Embedded Software in R&D:
    Compatibility between software and other components of the products is maintained.

    9) Real-Time Inventory Management:
    Real-time processing of inventory postings is done with a new and simplified data model.

    10) Optimized Portfolio and Project Management:
    Simplified authorization & optimized data model.

    11) Advanced ATP:
    Back order processing, product allocation, release for delivery and many new concepts.

    12) Accelerated MRP:
    Real-time simulation and decision support