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SAP Re-Implementation

Although SAP is very helpful and very advanced ERP solution, SAP implementations at times turns faulty and does not deliver us the required solutions .This may be due reasons such as Misinterpretation of project objective regarding the requirements and exceptions or maybe even due to lack of user training . The following are some other reasons for the failure of SAP implementation:

  • Focus on cost instead of quality and capability.
  • Scope control.
  • Lack of user training.

These were some of the reasons which cause unsuccessful implementation of SAP and hence were unable to deliver the expected result. The project is either left midway and the system rejects it as it is not able to process anything further. Hingula Systecch can help you in making sure that your investments in SAP are not wasted. We will assist and ensure SAP re-implementation is done accurately and successfully. We follow a simple and yet proven approach in our SAP reimplementation projects.

  • We ANALYZE what actually the problem is
  • Then we CONFIGURE ways to correct the problem
  • We STAY in touch with our customers if the re-implementation is successful and
  • At last we SUCSEED when or client is satisfied with the re-implementation and working