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SAP Audit Services

Hingula Systecch’s SAP audit management is made flexible and is configurable according to latest required standards. Our consultants analyse the best practices and standards available in the current market and will do the needful to see the SAP application perform according to current and the future needs.

Solutions for the implementation of plan will be recommended taking into mind the client’s requirement and investing capacity.

The following SAP audit services are provided here:

Performance Audit

  • Performance is evaluated according to response time and transaction process along with verification of system profile. Database consistency and system performance is also viewed.
  • Security Audit

  • User/client authorisation and transaction security along with user authorisation profiles, role verification as per SAP guidelines is done.
  • Development Audit

  • Development standards definition and documentation audit with version control and analysis with accurate research of critical / conflicting objects are determined.
  • Customizing

  • Problems determination and solving is done here .Basically done to understand unsolved issues if any.
  • Usage Analysis

  • The usage of SAP system is analysed here and evaluated and if needed corrections are added.
  • Hingula Systecch uses custom SAP scripts to identify inappropriate access at both the SAP Role and User level.