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SAP Implementation

Most of the organizations use ERP system and SAP implementation for normal functioning of various processes and for an enterprise to flourish one should focus on various Core competencies and this makes the enterprise go to great heights. Your whole business strategy is revamped by your entire business strategy and express that your enterprise can attain perfection as the best SAP implementation company in Pune here is what we prefer:


1) Project Preparation:

Just for checking whether the project is appropriate or feasible, there are some works carried out in the project preparation and it can be worked out successfully. The key risks are identified and eliminated with the help of process as soon as possible and it increased the development opportunities by making sure that the projects conceptualized in a better way. We actually enquire you about various questions about the project and its future and turnovers. After noting down all the details we fulfill your expectations. We provide your initial planning and preparation for your project in SAP.

Change Charter – Targets and Mottos of Organizational Change and Management

Project Plan – Milestones is the prime target over here and Work packages details do come over here.

Scope – The initial definition of the project is set for input from sales cycle.

Project Team Organization- Sets the who why and how of the project.

2) Business Blueprint:

All of your actual project goals are refined over here and we get to see them with good clarity and all the project schedules over here are revised in this modus-oprendi. Thus we care for you in complete detail. For getting to know about the company's running in its business inside the SAP System is an ultimate goal of this process. The motto over here is for Business Blueprint and a complete documentation of the results obtained during requirement workshops. The business process needs of the company are exhibited in this Business Blueprint document of the company. The company's work inside the SAP System is recorded in this process.

3) Realization:

Integration tests are conducted over here after we take care of various processes and the next step is the documentation according to the end sure and this is where most of the formality that is not considered is taken care of. All the business process requirements rely on the Business Blueprint and that is what is the main objective of this phase. There are two work packages in which the system configuration methodology is offered: Baseline (major scope); and Final Configuration (remaining scope).

4) Final Preparation:

All the steps which are actually necessary are really considered over here. The final preparation is to be completed in this phase which consists of testing, end-user training, cutover and system management activities for initializing your readiness to go live. Al the important and open issues are resolved in this phase. Your business will be run in your live SAP System after completing this phase successfully.

5) Go live and Support:

There are lots of things considered in this process like Production support, Monitoring system transactions and optimizing the system performance overall that are taken into account so that most of the things fall in line making all the functions to run in a cool manner. System performance notes in this phase with SAP monitoring and feedback. The ultimate objective over here is to move from a project-oriented, pre-production environment to live production operation.