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SAP standard tools similar to Solution Manager is relying on an integration with our rollout methodology along with templates and tools developed in-house for accelerating the rollout process. Our partners back the Global Delivery Model strategically positioned for offering centers and knowledge of legal, local and statutory needs. Components which can be used again can be deployed by us for a rich library during various phases of the project for increasing the rollout speed.


These are the following ways the global rollout methodology can be characterized:

Well-defined rollout plan is structured globally with good rollout approach Risk mitigation plan is comprehensive In the countries where English is not spoken, there must be a good workability. Global alliances are established in a good way. Similar to Business Configuration Sets and SAP Solution Manager, the SAP standard tools are used.

With global locations, our system refers global roll out services. For creating the approach a chief template based on the reference business processes for the client. With localized nation specific configurations the master template is then assisted and are relied on a specially developed kit which comprises of the data that can be used in the interface programs, Rollout templates, Solution Manager, e-CATTs, components, reports, documentation, templates, offering fewer deployment timeframes.


We offer these activities during the course of Rollout:

  • System Study
  • Business Blueprint Definition
  • System Realization and Development
  • Unit Testing, Integration Testing, and User Acceptance
  • Data Migration Strategy and Execution
  • User Training and Change Management
  • Cut Over Planning and Go-live
  • Post Go-live Support
  • System Assessment and Periodical Review