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Most of the organizations of various sizes have investments after an SAP implementation. There are two challenges with which IT managers are confronted with escalating SAP support costs and restricting internal staff from scaling up the exigencies in taking care of the SAP systems. The maintenance costs are decreased because of the companies lookout for the partners especially for taking care of the challenges and the arguments present in support teams.

Our Services :

In the consulting company, our certified consultants are present which is also regarded as an SAP partner of Pranav Systtech Pvt. Ltd.

Here are the few things we offer:

  • Business Support

  • Technical Support

  • BASIS Support

  • ABAP Development & Support

    SAP Support & Maintenances

    Level 1:
    System errors maintenance support is offered by SAP software,


    SAP Maintenance support software is offered for errors that occur in the system and it utilizes SAP-internal tools for assisting in problem resolution, tracks, Logs, resolves and the issue is closed to the customer's satisfaction.


    Additional support for troubleshooting is offered by this along with handling queries and responding to the question logs, resolves, tracks and closes issues with the customer satisfaction present as a final contract on a time and materials basis.


    Remote consulting expertise is offered by the customization services to SAP system which offers direct access with experienced SAP professionals along with project and design advice, application configuration and ABAP programming developing present modules and create forms and layout sets, data conversions, reports and performance analysis.

    SAP Support Services

    STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT, BUSINESS, TECHNICAL EXPERTISE Currently, companies are having tough times with self SAP management. Why there is a requirement to pay for complete SAP resources when there is a support needed across various SAP modules from an experienced SAP managed service on a task-by-task basis. SAP professionals are quite experienced which are offered by the sap enterprise support services. The global SAP experience is for about 45 years with the luxury of getting to know about your task. A good dedicated team is available to work with the customers and a single point of contact is required for your SAP needs.


    In-house resources, especially for a wide range is optimized by us with SAP support services. Mission-Critical Issues are the main target over here for letting you know the everyday offload operations. Most of the organizations are best suited by our services to have deployed SAP and are seeking to reduce the maintenance and support costs for utilizing knowledge transfer for educating the staff and knowledgeable about the process improvement opportunities.