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Staff Augmentation Services

For performing value-added services (VAS), you can use a value-added service order (VAS order) in the warehouse via VAS activities and the document. Product packing, assembling, kitting, labeling is the activities of VAS. Both good issue process and good receipt process in the warehouse change can use process-oriented storage control for executing the interim steps before staging in the goods issue area. Product processing is defined by VAS order in the interim steps done by the warehouse employees in the work centers for instance. A VAS order can be used in the goods issue process for assemblings kits of the clients and package of the customer reliant basis with the help of VAS order.

Implementation Considerations

The following steps are done in customizing the Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) for the following activities:

  • VAS Order Number Range is defined
  • Order Document Management is activated for VAS
  • Define Relevance for VAS
  • Warehouse-Number-Dependent VAS settings
  • Inside EWM and delivery, value added services are integrated.
  • An inbound or outbound delivery is created by you for a valid packaging specification for assigning to the VAS order that exists.
The VAS order can be used by you for performing the following functions:
  • Good receipt process and value-added services
  • Good issue process and value-added services
  • VAS is quite better for Kitting
  • Automatic VAS order creation
  • VAS order processing
  • Auxiliary products and record consumption

You can inform warehouse employees with the help of VAS order documentation about what work must be performed with products. VAS orders can also be used for logging work that is done. The packaging specification levels are informed about the VAS activities that have to be performed in the warehouse.