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SDLC it describes activities performed during each stage during the development of software. It is the set of activities or phases that analysts, designers and users use to develop & implement in a system.

Provision and most important implementation of a secure software development lifecycle (Secure SDL) .We provide a quick and cost effective solution to our clients.



1. Detailed Analysis
A step by step and in depth analysis is carried out by our staff for understanding the company’s business in an efficient way .This is a necessary step required to determine the necessary steps to be taken to deliver the most accurate solution.

2. Requirement Gathering
With our questionnaire already prepared by us from our past successful work operations we intend to use the same for detection of exact problem based on analysis of our qualified staff. We at Hingula Softecch stay in touch with our clients and ask them what exactly they need.

3. Plan Design
A tailor fit plan is made according to the needs of the problem to be attended and according to our clients need and budget. As designing a plan according to customer needs and satisfaction is what we do best at Hingula Systecch.

4. Testing
Testing is the step we take before implementation. This step enables us to see weather our system which is to be implemented is working properly or not. Meeting clients’ needs are very important and it can be done only when there are no errors ehich is detected during testing period.

5. Implementation and maintenance
The tested system is then implemented and minute details are shared regarding usage and maintenance. Our developers will continue working on the system to monitor its performance.