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SAP Upgrade

There are lots of changes that are happening every day and therefore upgrades are the prime that happens for the business to grow and if SAP software is upgraded by one then things are going on the right track. Currently, the business is declared and it can be completely targetted and can make most of the process good with time. We are the best SAP up gradation service providers in Pune here are the other services we provide:

  • Business Case Preparation
  • SAP Upgrade assessment
  • Data archiving
  • Technical upgrade
  • Functional upgrade
  • Testing
  • Training

  • 1) Business case Preparation

    There are two stages of our interview process and they normally consist of 45-minute interviews. There are some basic discussions and therefore we can know well about each other along with case discussion for analyzing real-world business problems. The final ten minutes are generally for question rounds. After a real business situation or management problem, each business case is modeled. Half of the interview time is taken away by the business case discussion and practicing was prepared by various scenarios and producing hypotheses and solutions can be defended confidently.

    2) SAP Upgrade Assessment

    Most of the SAP Upgrade project use this step as their prime step. At first, everyone struggles a bit to collect all the information in a format that is structured and there was not a suitable template on internet and SDN site. At the end, a generic template has been prepared for any upgrade project as it can be used for any client or company.

    3) Data archiving

    If a data is no longer used actively for isolating a storage device for long-term retention then the data archiving process is used. Older data that are significant are present in the archive data and may be required for future reference and it must be retained for regulatory compliance.